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"The Tomb" "The Tomb"

Five galleries offer a great insight into the life of Swaffham and surround.

  1. The Ben Emmerson Room has many artefacts to explain some of the social history of Swaffham.
  2. The Monique Slaven Room displays a fascinating array of archaeological finds from the Swaffham area.
  3. The David Butters Room in 2019 hosts a photographic competition 'Capture Swaffham'. 
  4. Room 5 - A new display 'Conflict and Consequences' exploring the effects of war and conflict - including the Covid 19 pandemic -  on our market town. 
  5. The Carter Room celebrates our link with Tutankhamun via Howard Carter.  2022 is the Centenary of the discovery of Tutankhamun. We are celebrating this.