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We will provide Day and Half-day School Activity Sessions. Suggested topics are below but may be tailored to suit your requirements. 

  1. The Ancient Egyptians
  2. Becoming an archaeologist
  3. Carter meets Tutankhamun
  4. Ancient Egyptian craftwork

All pupils take home a double-sided Carter/ Tutankhamun activity sheet.

Plus: The school receives photocopiable worksheets on hieroglyphics, Egyptian Maths, gods and goddesses word search, Carter crossword and craft information sheets

Loan Boxes

  • History in a Box. Suitable for schools, home study groups and interest groups. A variety of 'History boxes' are available including Carter meets Tutankhamun, Saxons and Vikings, School and Life in the Victorian Age.These boxes come with activities, photocopiable worksheets, copies of original documents where appropriate, handling objects, and information.
  • Memory Boxes  Handling Reminiscence Boxes with a variety of artefacts from 19th & 20th centuries. Especially suitable for day centres and care homes, but also younger age interest groups. Items are not Swaffham related.

We also offer 

  • Guided museum sessions and tours for interest groups
  • Guided town walking tours
  • Research assistance for local social and family history - email us on
  • Talks by a museum volunteer


For more information on all of the above click on the link below