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WW1 Project

Swaffham Museum WW1 Project

Grant aided by Breckland District Council and The Friends of Swaffham Museum

This project aims to tell the story of the town and its people between 1914 and 1919.

It collects information from a variety of sources and will be updated as new material becomes available.

It is free to view on a computer, a mobile device and in print format at Swaffham Heritage.

It is in no way complete. Of the 600 or so men who went to war less than 200 are recorded here. Research on these men and on life in the town is ongoing.

We would be pleased to accept corrections, new material and views at

The stories of the Swaffham soldiers who served in WW1, and a description of life in the town during the war. To view these you will need a PDF Reader (

The Town in the War File Uploaded: 11 November 2018 1.6 MB Swaffham Men who went to War File Uploaded: 15 November 2018 5.2 MB update 1 November 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 1 November 2019 2 MB